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Coding: More Than Just Software

What if you used your programming skills with the goal of creating something expressive instead of something functional.

When most people think about writing code they think about the software world rather than the creative world. Yet, there are so many unique ways that people are using various programming languages to create works of art. This article will go through a few simple ways to use your coding skills, whether they are beginner level or advanced, in a more creative light.

Creative Coding

Unlike the functional focus of most programming languages, creative coding uses them solely  to create art. The art is made by using functions to programmatically create shapes and blend colors to create digital compositions that are unique to each script. Despite the fact that coding is rarely the first thing to come to mind when discussing art, creative coding is revolutionizing what art is and can be. As we enter a more digital world, creative coding may be the contemporary art movement we need in order to articulate major societal challenges we are facing as technology advances.


AR Social media Filters

Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects layered over the real-life image your camera displays. Think back to the Snapchat puppy filter that superimposed a dog’s ears and nose over your face or the hot dog that danced around your room. AR digital effects move with you as you move.

Both Instagram and snapchat allow you to create and use your own AR filters. The process is actually much simpler than you would think. Whether you want to code the filter yourself or use an application like Spark AR studio creating your own filters is an impressive way to step up your personal or company social media.  


Interactive Resume

Building an interactive resume is a unique way to display your career history and skills in a more engaging way. This allows you to set yourself apart from the crowd and showcase your creativity.

Robby Leonardi’s interactive resume is a particularly well-known example. He turned his resume into a basic computer game concept. Each level holds information about him and his work experience.


Next time you are feeling extra creative and want to put your skills to the test consider thinking outside the box and using code in a new way.


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