B2B marketers and MSPs often leave social media marketing untapped; however, when used correctly, it can be a great way to meet audiences on the medium they prefer and reach them on a personal level. How can B2B companies and MSPs decide which social media networks to use and how to use each one?

There are four main social media channels most B2B companies should focus on: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Instagram: Platforms like Instagram are more visually focused, and high-quality images combined with microblog-style copy tends to garner the most engagement. Don’t forget to add hashtags so your content can be easily found as well.
  • LinkedIn: Platforms like LinkedIn tend to appeal to a more professional audience. LinkedIn audiences usually prefer links to industry news, best practices and other helpful business-related content.
  • Facebook: A Facebook business page is a good outlet for this kind of content as well. Don’t forget to mix in posts that promote your company culture and employees, too.
  • Twitter: Twitter revolves around short posts and quick updates under 280 characters. Users look to Twitter for bite-sized information rather than long, blog-style content. Hashtags are appropriate here too.

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