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Why Inbound Marketing is Critical for Local Based Businesses

Any business owner knows that they have to survive in a very competitive environment. The competition is even tougher for small and local businesses. Customers have become very aware of what they want; where they can get it and where will they get the best value for their money. Moreover, this is the age of digital market. Customers are making decisions online more than in person. Therefore, it is becoming very important that small businesses invest in digital marketing in order to be found. 

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How YouTube Impacts SEO

It’s time to get serious about YouTube.  YouTube currently has over a billion (1.3B+ at the time of this article) users on their platform, which is equal to around a third of all individuals on the internet.  As a marketer, you can reach more 18 – 49 year olds than any cable network in the entire United States. Not enough yet? How about the fact that 4.95 billion videos get watched every single day.

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How Can I Leverage Facebook to Win New Customers?

It’s common sense at this point that social media is a large part of our society today.  One can get news faster from Twitter than they can from actually waiting for it to appear on CNN or another news outlet.  It’s personable, engaging, and addicting to say the least. The question we get asked often is how can businesses leverage this to actually get new customers.  More importantly, how can businesses even know if their social media efforts are effective? Many companies are simply engaging with social media because they feel they have to at this point, and are doing so without a clear direction or strategy.  

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