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How Web Design Can Impact Your Business: 3 Tips For Creating Great Websites

For years, if someone wanted to find out information about your business, they would ask for your business card or phone number.  Today, they will simply ask for your website address.  If you’re not online and don’t have some sort of web presence then to millions of active online consumers, you’re pretty much nonexistent.

On the other side of the coin, many business owners are under the impression that having just any old website will do. This kind of thinking is dangerous and can be harmful to your business. In actuality, having a bad website is often worse than not having one at all.

So what are some ways in which good web design can impact your business?

Consider 3 ways.

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5 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

So you've built a beautiful looking website that clearly explains what you or your business does. Great! But there is just one problem..no one is going to this website.  The bottom line is that readers aren't all that interested in your company per se, but more so interested in what you can do for them. This may be a solution, or it may be advice on something they need help with. 

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Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Website redesign ultimately should happen with every website (key phrase here is should) at some point in time.  Too often we’ve heard horror stories of  companies focused solely on their beautiful brand new website they’re developing - with no clear strategy on how exactly people are going to find it.

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