Why is B2B social media so hard?

This week, the Presh team sat down to discuss UpCity’s article, 7 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important for B2B Marketers, by Oliviere Gruere. We started with the question many B2B companies are asking themselves: why is B2B social media so hard?

We came up with some solutions to a few common pain points.
  1. The topic is dry. If you’re working with something exceedingly technical that doesn’t lend itself to exciting social content, try thinking a bit outside the box. Explore the outer edges of the topic, looking for related helpful info or content about outcomes that might get your audience excited.
  2. Finding the right balance when humanizing your brand. People are drawn to content that includes people – especially on social media, where they expect to engage with friends, family and business connections. However, there’s a fine line between sharing the faces behind a company and diminishing your company’s professional image with overly friendly or casual posts. The balance lies in company leadership. Try choosing a leader to act as the “face” of the company, and allow them to demonstrate thought leadership by discussing topical issues on camera.
  3. One-off content doesn’t work. Posting a thought leadership once in a blue moon won’t work. With social media, consistency is key to setting expectations and engaging with your audience effectively. Work your posts into overarching thought leadership themes that span across your content strategy to help build brand recognition and cultivate a following.   

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