At Presh, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of adopting and implementing the latest technologies to enhance the services we provide to our clients. Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a significant part of this technological advancement, offering unparalleled opportunities for innovation in marketing strategies, content production, research, development, testing, quality control, strategy, and design. Our AI policy outlines our approach to utilizing AI technologies, ensuring we harness their potential responsibly and transparently.


Our Approach to AI

AI as an Aid, Not an Agent: We utilize AI as a tool to augment our human capabilities, not replace them. Every project involving AI is led by our skilled professionals who provide the necessary input and critically evaluate the AI's output. This approach ensures that our use of AI enhances the quality and efficiency of our work without compromising the human touch that is crucial to creating personalized and impactful marketing solutions.

Human Oversight: There is a human in the loop at every stage of our AI-driven processes. From setting the initial parameters to reviewing and refining the AI-generated outputs, our team ensures that every piece of content, strategy, or design meets our high standards and aligns with our clients' goals and expectations.

Client Profiles: We develop a comprehensive profile used as part of the input for each client based on two key factors: insights gathered during our discovery process and information collected from the web. This process involves text-embeddings both on profile creation and task prompt. This profile is created in a vector database (Pinecone), which allows us to retrieve only relevant information based on the task. The outcome of this process is extremely relevant and on-brand output. This dual perspective ensures that we have a well-rounded understanding of our clients' needs from both an internal and external viewpoint, allowing us to tailor our AI-aided approach effectively. 


Data Security and Privacy

Data Handling: All client data provided to the Company is handled with strict confidentiality and security. The Company uses secure, hosted models or subscribes to enterprise plans with AI technology providers to prevent unauthorized use of data, including its use for training future AI models.

Privacy Commitment: The Company is committed to protecting client privacy and securing proprietary information. Data privacy measures are rigorously applied in all AI-related processes, with a selection of AI partners who adhere to high standards of data protection and privacy.


Ethical Standards and Compliance

Transparency and Responsibility: The Company is transparent about its use of AI and adheres to ethical standards in deploying AI technologies. Clients are informed about how AI is applied in their projects and the safeguards in place to ensure responsible use.

Adaptation and Improvement: Recognizing the rapid evolution of AI, the Company commits to continuous learning and adaptation of its AI practices. This includes monitoring advancements in AI technology to enhance service offerings responsibly and effectively.

Amendment and Updates

This policy may be updated or amended from time to time to reflect changes in our practices or advancements in AI technology. This page will be updated to match the latest version of our policy as part of our commitment to transparency and partnership.


We believe in the power of AI to transform marketing strategies and create more dynamic, efficient, and personalized solutions for our clients. Our AI policy reflects our commitment to leading with technology while ensuring the ethical, responsible, and secure use of AI in all our projects. By combining the latest AI technologies with our expertise and creativity, we are poised to help IT organizations accelerate their marketing efforts, achieving unparalleled results.