Everything Starts with an Idea

Creative Services

Intentional creative that elevates your brand and  adds value versus interrupts.

Our creative products focus on speaking to a pain point and educating versus traditional loud interruption tactics.

Beyond Aesthetics: We understand that an impactful brand is more than just appealing visuals. Our creative services dig deep into the essence of your brand, presenting it in ways that both inform and resonate. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to authenticity, we amplify your brand voice, ensuring it echoes in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Audio Production
Brand Development
Campaign Creative

Creating with Intent

We can create art that meets objectives because we take the time to understand what those objectives are, what makes your position unique, and who you're selling to. 

We don’t just close our eyes and shoot, hoping to hit the target. Everything is done with reason.

Message Map & Discovery

At the center of all creative marketing is a strong, well-defined organization.

Creative marketing is a group effort. The organization provides a single personality to rally around. A singular “author.”

Step 1: Workshop Meetings

At Presh, we use a message map to discover the true personality of an organization. What is at its core? What are its values? We find the answers to these questions during workshop meetings. 

Step 2: Discover Key Words

We work with our clients to discover the best possible descriptors of their company and values.

Step 3: Organize

We use those words to define what is at the heart of the company—the “pillars of strength.” 

Step 4: Prove It

Once the pillars have been thoroughly defined, we ask stakeholders to give us proof points to back them up. 

Step 5: Map It Out

We gather all of these pillars and proof points and display them on a message map that reveals the core of the brand.

Step 6: Copy Blocks

For each pillar, we create “long-form” content, which is usually very detailed paragraphs that fully explain the pillar. Then, we condense and squeeze that long-form content into “shot-form” which is just a sentence long. Short-form content doesn’t capture every detail of the pillar, but it can distill it into powerful bite-sized brand statements.

PRESH - message - map