The 4 E’s of Marketing Content Creation

To keep content fresh and personal, the 4 Es of content creation are crucial.

Having creative marketing content is a vital business component; it can make or break success. When viewing marketing content, it is important to have a personal connection with your audience because people connect with people, not products.

Often, the mistake is producing sales-focused content, meaning the blog’s goal is to sell something instead of educating the reader. To keep content fresh and personal, the 4 Es of content creation are crucial.


 1. Educate

No one wants to read a 500-word sales pitch. Instead, help your readers solve problems. Explain how your product or service can make their life easier. Even better, write a “how-to” article that teaches the reader how to solve a problem independently. Giving away information builds trust with your audience. The next time they have a problem, they’ll remember that your businesses helped them last time and come to you first. 


2. Empower

The goal here is to have your target audience feel empowered when engaging with your content. This can happen in many ways. Some ideas here would be to create quick “how to” videos, customer testimonials, and employee spotlights. The idea is to showcase that you are here for your audience no matter what.


3. Entertain

There is a time for seriousness and a time for fun—both can be found in marketing content. If brainstormed and appropriately designed, marketing content can be entertaining by adding a unique flair and some humor to grasp attention.


4. Engage

Create content that asks people to join in on the conversation.  The audience can participate by providing feedback, posting opinions, leaving comments and liking marketing collateral on social media. The more engaging the content, the more credibility your company will have.


See Results

To have a strong marketing presence on all platforms, create content that encompasses the 4 Es. Remember, marketing engagement is not an instant result; it is a long-term goal to build brand exposure and produce awareness. When creating content, following the proper rules will guide you in the right direction of success.


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