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The Top Tips and Tricks for Effective Project Management

Project management is the process used to keep objectives within the designated time frame.

Project management is one of the most important aspects of any campaign. No matter what industry you are working in, project management is used to keep all assignments, tasks, and milestones on track. It’s the process used to keep each member on the team accountable and guide them to accomplish each project's goals and objectives within the designated time frame.

The key is a mix of organization, time management, and trust within the team


Using Effective Leadership

To ensure successful and efficient project management, many important aspects are incorporated. This involves the leadership of the project manager running point on the project, promoting team motivation, and eliminating any roadblocks that may be in the way of accomplishing the project deliverables effectively.


Examples of an Effective Strategy

Using a marketing campaign as an example, the effectiveness of the workflow is crucial:

copy -> internal review | approval -> design -> internal review | approval  ->  client review | approval/changes required.

To keep this production workflow moving forward on time, there are five phases incorporated in a project management process that will ensure project success.

5 Phases of Project Management for Success

  1. Preparation 
    • Determine the project strategy from discovery conversations and a realistic project timeline. 
  2. Planning 
    • Use the approved project strategy document to build each individual deliverable task.
    • Allocate the proper team member for each copy and design phase of each individual task.
    • Determine milestones and key dates for each deliverable to hit the project deadline properly. 
  3. Executing 
    • Deliver all completed deliverables to the client for review on the allocated due date. 
  4. Monitoring & Controlling 
    • Monitor all client reviews for approvals or changes required for the team to make necessary changes. 
    • Schedule bi-weekly check-ins with the client to ensure progress is made. 
    • A pro tip: To display the project moving forward, use a live Gantt chart for the client to view at any time. 
  5. Completing 
    • Have all project deliverables approved/completed by the timeline due date for the campaign launch. 
    • Once the project has been launched create a dashboard for reporting to showcase real-time results of the campaign.


In Review

Successful project management takes time and dedication. However, the best feeling is knowing a project is on track and completed successfully with the hard work from the team.

 First, the key element is to have the foundation in place to move forward with the entire project by investing and taking time in the planning process. Second, using an effective project management platform will help organize the entire project to ensure efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Next, having a realistic timeline in place will allow the team to have each task completed on time especially when there are multiple projects being completed simultaneously. Work smart, be creative and use all the resources within the company to have each deliverable completed within a timely manner. Finally, be sure to have the client involved as they are the one at the end of the day who is the final stakeholder and decision-maker within the project. 


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