Digital Analysis

Digital analysis and existing Cisco revenue & capabilities determined Blackhawk Data to be a strong fit the Digital Program. Blackhawk Data was focused on growing through marketing, and had core marketing tactics in motion without an overall strategy

Blackhawk Case study 1

Month 1-2:
Digital Foundation

Gave existing B2B customers a B2C experience through an eCommerce store for hardware purchases on the new site. Integrated Connectwise and HubSpot Marketing Professional CRMs to align remote marketing and sales teams.

Blackhawk Case study 2

Month 3-4:
Lead Generation

Campaigns to acquire leads were implemented with key messaging focused on remote and hybrid workforce enablement. Multiple owned and paid channels were used, with conversion points for leads being content downloads and virtual event attendance.

Blackhawk Case study 3

Month 5-6: Lead Development

Buyer’s expect pricing to be available immediately, or else they often move to the next vendor. To help generate and convert leads, an interactive pricing tool was created to allow prospects to build their own instant quote with multiple options. This tool was integrated directly into their site and with their newly implemented Hubspot marketing system.

Blackhawk Case study 4

Post Program

Blackhawk Data retained Presh Marketing Solutions to act as their marketing team. As a result, Blackhawk Data is able to implement many Cisco focused marketing initiatives, and Blackhawk Data is able to collaborate and work with Tech Data on opportunities that arise from these efforts.

Blackhawk Case study 5