5 Quick Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

So you’ve built a beautiful looking website that clearly explains what you or your business does. Great! But there is just one one is going to this website. The bottom line is that readers aren’t all that interested in your company per se, but more so interested in what you can do for them. This may be […]

So you’ve built a beautiful looking website that clearly explains what you or your business does. Great! But there is just one one is going to this website.  The bottom line is that readers aren’t all that interested in your company per se, but more so interested in what you can do for them. This may be a solution, or it may be advice on something they need help with. 

There are a few quick things you can do to boost your overall web traffici immediately. Below are our top 5 recommendations: 

Start A Blog

Start a Website Blog

The first step to increasing your website traffic is to start a blog. When starting a blog, you should consider your audience and what is relevant to them. The next step is to share readable content. You have to give users a chance and reason to come to your website. If you are not sharing content that is worthy of recognition or shares, the chances are that people are not going to come to your website. Therefore, write content for users and give them a reason to visit your website.


Leverage Social Media Channels

Social Media for Inbound Marketing

Once you have determined what your blog will be on and the type of content that you will be sharing, you should start to use social media channels to promote the content online. You can use an assortment of channels to do so including Facebook, Twitterm and others.  Levering social media is one of the best ways to get traffic on your website if your content is good and informative. People will share good content, and your overall reach can multiply exponentially. 


Provide Content Your Audience Needs  

Provide Content Your Audience Cares About

People leverage the internet to find solutions to problems they have. We know that already as it’s the foundation of inbound marketing.  You can grow your website traffic significantly by providing solutions to these problems. If you’re a plumbing company, write an article on how to stop a leak. If you’re a technology company, write an article on how to fix your network when it goes down. While it may seem like you are giving away “trade secrets,” you’re actually providing value and positioning yourself as a thought leader. When these people need help for something they can’t fix on their own, they’ll come to you. They’ll also likely share your content, providing a solid boost to your web traffic. 


Use Pay Per Click To Your Advantage

Pay Per Click Advertising to Gain Website Traffic

Pay-per-click refers to any advertising method in which you do exactly that: pay for each click to a link you get. The big players in this space are companies such as Google (AdWords), Bing, and social channels such as Facebook. There are many others though that are effective for local businesses, such as Yelp and FourSquare. These can be very effective advertising methods, as essentially you’re paying to be shown when a user searches for a certain keyword or key phrase. Long-term, this can become very costly and potentially not as effective as organic methods. That being said, paid-search can provide a much-needed boost to start drumming up web traffic. 


Register Your Domain With Reputable Listing Firms


When people think of SEO, they generally think of keywords and making sure the information on their site is specific to what they offer. This definitely is a big piece of it, but the often forgot aspect is off page SEO. A huge piece of offpage SEO is the amount of high-quality links that point towards your website. An example of this could be registering your website with Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, or somewhere similar. It also references how often other sites talk about your site. 

This can have an adverse effect when people try to take shortcuts and register their site with link farms. Link farms are websites that have been created as a means of being a short cut to just reference other websites to improve off page SEO. Google has gotten to a point where they have been able to identify they sites and are now penalizing anyone with links on these sites.  Registering on one of these sites is certainly not a way to improve your web traffic. 


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