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Top Three Tools to Use for Automating Marketing

If you’re looking to start automating your marketing, I recommend getting started with these three tools.

As an account manager, I’m constantly juggling multiple clients, emails, and project tasks while doing my best to keep everything organized. I’m not alone—anyone who handles project management understands how hard it is to keep everything on track and organized.

Automation allows me to do my job. If you’re looking to start automating your marketing, I recommend getting started with the three tools below.



HubSpot is a well-known, international marketing company and the founder of the inbound methodology. It became popularized as an email marketing automation tool, but its automation capabilities stretch across almost every aspect of marketing and sales.

Email Automation


HubSpot uses workflows to create customized experiences for marketing audiences. With workflows, you can:

    • Set advanced enrollment criteria, ensuring only the audience you intend enters the workflow
    • Split audiences with specific criteria to send different emails
    • Automatically remove a user when they complete the CTA, so they do not continue to receive emails after making the purchase
    • Automatically send email reminders and tasks to the sales team for follow up

A/B Testing

HubSpot has also created an easy way to A/B test emails. You create a version A and B within the same builder, and use a slider to select the distribution. You can choose to do a traditional 50/50 split, where version A goes to half of the list and version B goes to the other half. However, my favorite split is the 25/25/50. When you use this metric, version A goes to 25% of the list, version B goes to another 25%. After a testing period (which you can set), the winning email is automatically sent to the remaining 50% of the list. This guarantees 75% of your audience receives the “better” email.


Reporting Automation

HubSpot has a reports tools where you can build dashboards to track marketing activity in real-time.


You can share the report with stakeholders on a running schedule. HubSpot will automatically send a PDF and a link to the live report on your schedule (which can be daily, weekly, monthly, or any custom setting.)

Get a Free Trial of HubSpot

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DataBox is a great option for organizations that need to track their marketing performance without paying for all the other bells and whistles that come with HubSpot. DataBox allows you to create custom real-time marketing reports.

Saving Time

Having to replicate this process manually would mean hundreds of back and forth emails with clients and coworkers, which would undoubtedly slow down any marketing campaign. 


You can share “Databoards” with stakeholders through a link, email or slack. You can also set up recurring report deliveries with custom frequency settings.


With prices that start at just $14.99 a month, MailChimp is one of the most popular email automation tools on the market. It comes with some interesting automation features. Send Time Optimization automatically sends out emails at the best time. Like HubSpot, MailChimp also lets you create workflows to personalization email campaigns.




Get Automatic with Presh

At Presh, we aren’t hogging all our automation skills for ourselves. We set up automated marketing and sales campaigns for our clients. With just a little elbow grease on the front-end, you can ensure the right people get the right messages (even on the weekend or over the holidays.)

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