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How Organic Inbound Marketing Can Benefit Your IT Services Company

Organic inbound marketing is the lead-generating strategy that delivers long-term value to IT service providers. Learn how to get started >

What if you didn’t have to work so hard to attract customers? A solid organic inbound marketing strategy can do the heavy lifting for you by attracting and warming up potential customers to the idea of hiring a company to perform IT services like you deliver.

We know that you’ve probably been promised the world from previous marketing companies that failed to deliver. This is not an uncommon refrain among IT service providers. 

Here’s the thing, organic inbound marketing can only serve as a lead-generating engine for your business if it’s tailored to your business. You can have a great platform in place to track campaign results, good content ideas, and a small army of ChatGPT-savvy colleagues, but if the output doesn’t help you stand out from the crowd or build your credibility, it’s all for not. 

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all marketing solutions, and neither should you. 

In a sea of IT service providers, you need to differentiate your service offering and stand out. Instead of posting generic or syndicated content about reasons to get IT services, you have to go deep—delivering timely, useful, on-brand content in your voice that builds authority with your ideal customer base over time.

Defining Organic Inbound Marketing

Organic Inbound Marketing is the process of using content on ‘free’ channels (social media, your website, email, etc.) to attract new customers or nurture existing clients. While slower than more aggressive outbound and paid methods, organic inbound marketing is particularly attractive due to its relatively low cost and potentially high returns over several months or years. 

Why Organic Inbound Marketing

Unlike paid marketing (Google Ads, etc.), organic inbound marketing isn’t timebound. Meaning, it keeps generating leads in the background as long as the content is still relevant and useful to the target audience. For example, as long as this blog post is live, it can keep generating leads for Presh Marketing Solutions.

4 Benefits of Inbound Marketing to IT Service Providers

1. Build Credibility 

As you generate content, remember that building credibility is your primary goal. If potential customers don’t think you’re credible in the IT services space, they’re unlikely to engage you for projects or long-term commitments. 

Speak to the reader—or listener if it’s a podcast or video. This means knowing your target audience for each communication. If you’re talking to engineers, feel free to be more technical. If you’re talking to business owners and C-suite decision-makers, lead with big-picture pain points/solutions and stay out of the technical weeds.

If you’re running an organic inbound marketing plan internally, leverage the collective prowess of your team. Their insights, perspectives, and sound bites can be pivotal in helping your business stand apart from competitors because people work with people, so let personality shine alongside your expertise.   

2. Generate New Leads

After delivering something that attracts your target audience in a way that builds your credibility as an IT service provider, remember to give them something to engage with. This means include a call to action (CTA), but just one. When it comes to driving action, less is more effective. Each inbound communication should only have one call to action. Don’t water down your message or overwhelm your reader by serving up more than one engagement action in each deliverable.

3. Nurture Existing Customer Relationships

Neglecting customers after a sale is never a good idea. Keep them warm and coming back for more with helpful thought-leadership content delivered at regular intervals.

4. Longevity 

Organic, inbound marketing is the lead-generation gift that keeps on giving. Once it’s set up and as long as it’s still relevant, it can keep generating leads in the background.

3 Examples of Organic Inbound Marketing

1. Blogging

Create and maintain a company blog with informative and educational content related to IT services, technology trends, cybersecurity, and other relevant topics.

2. Social Media 

Utilize social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, to share valuable content, engage with your audience, and build brand awareness.

3. Video Content

Create engaging video content, such as explainer videos, demos, or testimonials, to showcase your IT services and share on social media, your website, or YouTube channel.

8 Organic Inbound Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Employee Spotlight 

Whether in a video, blog post, or social media highlight, consider putting your top talent front and center to build credibility.

2. Contest or Giveaway 

Having a contest or giveaway can be a great way to improve audience engagement and stay top-of-mind with your audience.  

3. Free Tools & Resources

Create and share free resources or tools, such as templates, checklists, calculators, or whitepapers that are valuable to your target audience and can drive traffic and generate leads.

4. Newsletter

Send regular newsletters to your email subscribers with updates on IT services, industry news, and relevant content to nurture leads and maintain customer relationships.

5. Case Studies

Share success stories and case studies that highlight how your IT services have helped clients overcome challenges and achieve their business goals.

6. Interactive Content

Create interactive content, such as quizzes, surveys, or assessments, to engage with your audience and collect valuable data for further marketing efforts.

7. Webinar 

Show off your expertise or passion for a particular focus area by hosting a webinar on your topic of interest, then post clips from the recording on social media to drive further post-event engagement.

8. Podcast

Host a podcast series featuring discussions, interviews, or insights on IT services, technology trends, or cybersecurity to reach a wider audience.


Like these ideas but don’t have the time or resources to execute?

Contact us to learn how we can help you create and execute an effective organic inbound marketing strategy.



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