VMware’s App Defense Project Removes Manual Monitoring For MSPs

Long awaited security functionalities were announced by VMware and several partners during VM World in Las Vegas last week. The debut of VMware App Defense marks a detectable shift in the industry as the focus moves away from developing application platforms and into defending them. 

Intuitive Design for a Smarter Future

 VMware app defense, IT security, networking

Behavioral monitoring and intuitive-design are themes powering the next generation of security programs and new, soon-to-be built-in network features for businesses running VMware. The idea is to gather intelligence from properly functioning networks to determine when an outlier event (a potential cyber-attack) occurs. This data allows for better prediction and resistance for virtual networks over time.

Although VMware has been building up excitement for the launch of their App Defense project for nearly two years, the subsequent announcements of security programs from key VMware partners prove that innovation in the space is a priority. To date, security defense procedures have been mostly reactive. Monitoring systems required IT teams to check for abnormalities and then activate resolution strategies thereafter. The trend now is towards proactive, intelligent software that removes the need for manual threat identification and mobilizes quarantine functionality automatically.


The Benefits for IT Channel Partners

 VMware app defense, IT security, networking

What does this mean for VARs and MSPs? Aside from a more efficient defense and protection strategy, the opportunity to sell security as an add-on or upgraded package deal is greater than ever. Additionally, and from a partner benefits perspective, companies like VMware are substantially raising the bar by offering an all-in-one experience for IT channel partners. 

VMware’s App Defense program features intuitive provisioning, the foundation which has made intent-based security models a reality. Large-scale adoption of cloud networks and virtualization have enabled rapid development of intuitive systems by creating isolated environments, ideal for machine learning.

The number and sophistication of cyber-attacks have increased exponentially in recent months. For IT channel partners, this creates a further need (and added pressure) for delivering exceptional security protection. With the commitment from major players like VMware debuting solutions that showcase a significant investment in defense capabilities, MSPs and VARs can deploy more seamless protection plans with fewer variables.


What’s Next for the Industry?

 VMware app defense, IT security, networking

In conclusion, the trend towards incorporated security functionality within today’s leading network platforms means greater efficiencies. These benefits are realized both in IT organizations and in the solutions they rely on each day to protect their clients. What does the future hold regarding further intuitive defense innovation? Along with more powerful (and competitive) infrastructure/security all-in-one models, the IT industry can expect a corresponding shift in market share. The test will be to see which company can create and deliver fast enough to meet the demands for more intelligent architecture, but more importantly who’s best suited to stave off the next wave of cyber-attacks.


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