Why GDPR Matters to YOUR MSP Business

There’s a market growth opportunity for MSPs and VARs to help firms become and remain in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from

There’s a market growth opportunity for MSPs and VARs to help firms become and remain in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union. GDPR data compliance has become somewhat of an issue for firms with EU citizens on their client lists.

In essence, GDPR is about data security; keeping the sensitive data of a company’s user data secure. As we know, that’s becoming more and more difficult as cybercriminals become sophisticated and more aggressive. In fact, 73 percent of enterprises in the U.S. have experienced a data breach, according to 451 Research.

The opportunity is there for savvy MSPs and VARs to provide solutions for highly motivated firms to secure their networks and avoid the penalties of GDPR.

GDPR Applies to the SMB Market – Here’s How

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GDPR applies to you or your customers if you have personal information of a citizen of the European Union. More than half (52 percent) of U.S. businesses fall into that category of compliance with GDPR, revealed a recent study by Vanson Bourne.

We’ve heard of large targets like Facebook and Google being sued for not adhering to GDPR’s tenets but keep in mind SMBs (firms with fewer than 250 employees) are subject to GDPR as well. GDPR does make allowances for SMBs by loosening the regulation for tracking the processing of data. Most firms have to track all processing of data related to EU citizens. SMBs don’t, unless the lack of tracking will affect the rights and freedoms of the user. More on that here.

One of the biggest challenges for SMB/mid-market companies is a lack of knowledge about who is on their databases. This makes many firms unsure whether GDPR applies to them.  Yet once firms of this size understand what’s at stake, they’re willing to take action to avoid penalties. Of the mid-sized firms that are aware of GDPR, 55 percent are willing to take steps to comply with the regulation, according to a recent report by IDC. This means they’re open to solutions that help them along the road to data security and data usage tracking.

Why You’re the Missing Link in GDPR Compliance for Many Firms

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You may be wondering, what are the rules with GDPR? There are a few aspects of the regulation that make it difficult to achieve 100 percent compliance and avoid fines. Without the help of an IT solution provider, many firms are left struggling to meet the requirements.

Here are some areas where MSPs and VARs can make a significant impact:

  • Assist in creating a GDPR-compliant data storage and management system.
  • Offer cybersecurity solutions to protect personal data from breaches.
  • Help clients create and implement GDPR-compliant data processing agreements.
  • Ensure proper data encryption and pseudonymization practices are in place.
  • Train employees on GDPR compliance and the importance of data protection.

By providing these services, MSPs and VARs can become indispensable partners to companies seeking to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance. This represents a significant opportunity for IT solution providers to grow their business and establish themselves as trusted experts in data protection and compliance.


As GDPR continues to be a critical issue for businesses, MSPs and VARs have a unique opportunity to provide valuable services that help clients navigate the complex landscape of data protection and regulatory compliance. By positioning themselves as trusted partners in this space, IT solution providers can expand their offerings and create new revenue streams, all while helping their clients protect sensitive data and avoid costly fines.

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