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A Day in the Life of Presh’s Creative Director,  Jason Liggitt

Learn what a day in the like is like for Presh’s Creative Director

When you think of 'Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band' — you think of tracks like 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' and 'When I’m 64'

The tracks I prefer are "A Day in the Life" and "With a Little Help from My Friends". The latter of the two being very poignant — you see, without my team (my Presh friends), I would achieve nothing.


I certainly do get by with ‘a little help from my friends’ on a daily basis.


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Working at Presh is unlike my other positions that I have previously held. In other roles, I’ve felt a huge weight on my shoulders to deliver high-impact creative output in a flash. We all know that there are times in a creative’s career when that will happen, and more often than not, us “creative folk” have flashes of genius that others around us can only dream of doing. But those flashes aren’t sustainable. The brain cannot churn out award-winning creative solutions like a flowing fountain. Yet, in my previous roles, the expectation was exactly that — the expectation was that I would solve their business/design/creative challenges in the time it takes to make coffee.


At Presh, it’s different. I’m given time to consider, reflect, review and reconsider.

On a daily basis as the Creative Director, I wear many different hats. With more than 20 active clients at any given time, my mind has to switch gears often.

But that’s okay. With the team I have around me, I can switch gears as often as I like. They have my back as much as I have theirs.

So, how does my day start?


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Anyone that knows me would know I am a creature of habit with a splash of maverick on the side:

Alarm goes off at 5:45, snooze until 6:03. Check my email, texts,  socials for      12 minutes.

  Jump in the shower, then breakfast, and clean up from the night before of       creative chaos — normally drawings, sketches, books, tape, and Gatorade         strewn across my home studio floor.

  Gather up all my craziness and head to work, the 35 minute drive is one of       calm and preparation.


Walking through the door around 8:30, usually greeted with a chorus of, “Jason can you look at this please” — it makes me smile, makes me feel very grateful for the position I hold, all before I’ve even put my bag down, I’m addressing an issue over the shoulder of one of my team members.


I love my team, but I also have other friends: our clients. Our clients come to me with challenges that I can work on, mold and eventually solve. It’s this process that lights a fire under me. I do marketing because I love it—the marriage of the right and left brain. To meet client expectations, I have to be creative yet analytical. My team and I are pushed to produce the best quality work. Our clients give our craft a purpose.


If I was to summarize “A Day in the Life,” I would say —


  I read the news today Woke up,

fell out of bed Dragged a comb across my head

Found my way downstairs and drank a cup

And looking up, I noticed I was late

Found my coat and grabbed my hat

Made the bus in a second flat 

-John Lennon

...but every day, I get by with a little help from my friends. What wakes me up every day is knowing I am going to work with the best group of people that have been handpicked for their exceptional talents, and in turn, make my job plain sailing.



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