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A Day in the Life of Presh’s Social Media Specialist, Grady Li

Learn what a typical day is like for a social media specialist at Presh Marketing Solutions.


grady_cityWhile the job description might say something ambiguous like “ability to manage frequently changing workload associated with an advertising and marketing agency,” the true answer to what a Social Media Specialist’s day looks like is “well, it depends on the day.” I’m Grady, Presh’s Social Media Specialist, and I’ll show you how my typical day at the office goes.


7:30-8:30 AM

I arrive at the office sometime in this block. Having a flexible start time helps ensure that I’m not too rushed when I get in. After grabbing a cup of coffee, I settle in and check the latest social metrics, monitoring our clients campaigns, lead generating landing pages, social ads and more.


8:30-10:00 AM

This is the time I use for reviewing the day’s task, prioritizing my calendar and prepping for meetings. If there is an immediate issue, I let my account manager and creative director know so we can optimize low performing areas or revamp social pieces. I like to get all of the game planning pieces straightened up for the rest of the day so I can then be fully dialed in on content creation.


joe_grady10:00 AM-Noon

With my strategy established on how to tackle the day’s content creation, I can hit the ground running. Work tasks may include conducting research on the current IT industry trends, working on existing client projects or starting a new one.

I like to address projects one client at a time because I can keep my headspace in the same brand aesthetic before switching to another client with a different look. It’s crucial to make sure that brand guidelines are followed and designs remain independent. The last thing you want is for the work of different clients to all blend together and start looking the same.

After making pieces for the brand, I’ll submit them for review with our Creative Director, and he’ll either approve or make suggestions. If they’re approved, the client gets the piece for approval. If there are suggestions, I make changes after lunch.


12:00-12:45 PM

Depending on the day’s schedule, lunch is either at my desk, meeting up with the Mrs. at Starbucks, or running a quick errand.


12:45- 3:00PM

After lunch, I’ll do my revisions on any internal or client changes to creative pieces or copy. Then I’ll send them back through the channel for final approval.

This time slot is also when any meetings with the team, client, or scheduled events like webinars take place. We have clients across the US, so as the Silicon Valley folks on the west coast catch up, things start to get busier with our clients. The meetings usually revolve around discussing strategy, leads and conversions, reviews, monthly performance reports, presenting new campaign strategies, or determining a timeline for launches.


grady_railroad3:00-5:00 PM

Final approvals come in around this time, so I’ll take all the approved pieces and look at the corresponding calendar for the client and slot them into the schedule. I’ll always have a creative visual, compelling copy, and a strong link that people can click on. Social and ads tend to run flat when the audience doesn’t put themselves in the shoes of the ad or have an actionable item to perform. I’ll wrap up the day by double-checking that social and ads are all published and running smoothly, I’ll also peek ahead at the schedule to see what I’ll have on deck tomorrow so I can start brainstorming ideas on the drive home.

Before leaving, I’ll check in with the team to make sure there are no time-sensitive or outstanding items. With that, I’m out the door with a productive day under my belt.

Working at Presh truly is enjoyable. I like the creative freedom I have while being able to learn from some of the industry’s best. I like the unpredictability of the day, but also the structure of running campaigns and analyzing results. Doing great work for clients and Presh also leaves me with a sense of pride and accomplishment that I’m immensely proud of.


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