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5 Tools to help B2B Content Marketers Create Quality Content

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the best B2B content marketing tools for your company - here are the top five we recommend.

Master Your Content, Master Your Marketing 

To master marketing your company, you must establish a strong brand. In an increasingly technological marketing landscape, we have more tools than ever in close reach to build our brands. Using the right tools to aid you in the journey to identifying what drives your company and what kind of content you want to use to create your image is crucial.


Here are five tools we recommend to help you create quality content:


Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant that’ll quickly become any copywriter’s best friend. This tool covers all the basics, like correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling as you write, but the more obscure features set it apart. 

Keeping writing clear can be challenging, but the reality of effective writing for marketing is that most people aren’t going to spend time with your content if it’s not concise. There’s a built-in tool for Grammarly that clarifies sentence structure. 

Grammarly also detects the tone of your writing and can help you to create a specific tone if you struggle to. For example, if you want to sound confident, you wouldn’t say, “you might want to try Grammarly;” you’d say, “Grammarly is the right tool for you,” or something along those lines. 

Read more about how Grammarly can improve your written content here



Hubspot is a CRM platform with everything a marketer needs to build and share content and enhance client relationships. From building blogs to webpages to emails and social posts, Hubspot makes it easy for companies to create compelling marketing campaigns. 

Keeping track of contacts and quickly reaching out to them is a huge selling point for the CRM platform. Hubspot tracks metrics and gives marketers and clients complete visibility as to what is and isn’t working within a campaign to help generate game plans going forward. 

The platform also provides almost everything a marketer needs to create an effective strategy, like sales information, partnerships, email conversation logs and more, to minimize the number of tools you need to create a campaign. 

See what Hubspot can do for your team here



Loom is a free extension that simplifies tracking calls with easy-to-use screen recording features built right into your browser. The software can be used for Chrome, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, making it accessible to any marketer. Whether you use it for a video tutorial, walkthrough or demo, or even just use it to record client calls, this tool enables marketers to optimize their digital workspace.

By keeping track of meetings, you don't have to pester clients for reassurance on a topic, lose your focus while jotting down key points during meetings or have to schedule new calls. Instead, screen-recorded content can be used as an asset to spend less time fishing down the information you need and more time creating quality content. 

If a client or coworker isn't available for a call, you can use Loom to create a video tutorial right on your screen. Loom smooths the friction of scouring through your files for different apps - if you want to record a walkthrough of any kind, you can do so right in your browser. 

See how Loom can optimize your online workspace here



You don’t have to be an artistic genius to make engaging content with Canva. Canva is a graphic design platform that transforms anyone with a creative vision into a master of infographics, presentations, posters, and other marketing content.  

Social media managers use Canva to create content for various platforms with templates preset to be the right size for a LinkedIn post, Instagram Story, or Facebook post. You don’t have to worry about the exact measurements of any of these - Canva does that for you. 

Additionally, Canva provides a variety of duty-free images, stickers, fonts, and other graphics to ease the pressure of copyright infringement in posts. You can also create color templates for different companies to keep their branding consistent across platforms. 

Make engaging content for your team and clients here.



Any marketer knows the importance of SEO, but few platforms smooth the friction of finding keywords as much as Semrush. Optimizing your keywords helps you rank in searches but also enables you to break down your ideas or make them more specific for your audience. 

For example, let’s say you use the Topic Research tool to brainstorm ideas for a blog. You search technology and are met with several topic ideas around it, but “Advantages of Technology” catches your attention the most. You hop over to the Keyword Magic Tool and search “technology advantages,” where the keyword phrase “advantages and disadvantages of technology in the military” ranks well in search engine results. You went from an extensive topic to one that targets a specific audience. 

See how Semrush can make your company SEO experts here



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