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Make Content Creation a Breeze with This Simple Tool

For many MSPs market development funds (MDF) fuel the growth of their businesses. To attract vendors with generous MDF budgets, it’s important to have an existing brand that shows you’re a serious force to be reckoned with in your market. A key to create that brand awareness is to develop a steady stream of quality content.

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The Use of Hashtags in B2B Social Media Strategy

For businesses looking to increase brand awareness and generate engagement, social media is an important marketing channel. This remains true even within the B2B space. The humble hashtag, when used correctly, can be an asset to your marketing strategy on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Let’s explore the intended uses (and common misuses) of hashtags and how you can best incorporate them into your daily posts.

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Targeting Your Content to IT Decision Makers

When creating content targeted towards IT decision makers across various business verticals, you need to keep several aspects in mind. Your content needs to be informative, specific, and engaging. Putting together this type of content isn't always easy, but it's crucial when marketing your products or services to ITDMs (IT decision makers).

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A Sales Guide to the New Buyers Journey

By this point, we've all become aware that the fundamental way that people make buying decisions has changed. We know that the internet is leveraged heavily, and people are leveraging tools such as review apps (i.e. Yelp) to help make informed decisions. They are not only communicating with one another online, they are also communicating directly with companies online through social media. 

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How YouTube Impacts SEO

It’s time to get serious about YouTube.  YouTube currently has over a billion (1.3B+ at the time of this article) users on their platform, which is equal to around a third of all individuals on the internet.  As a marketer, you can reach more 18 – 49 year olds than any cable network in the entire United States. Not enough yet? How about the fact that 4.95 billion videos get watched every single day.

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Top 5 Consequences of Not Having a Digital Marketing Strategy

With all of the advances that have occured in the Digital Age, there is hardly any branch of human activity which hasn’t benefited from it. The same applies to marketing and that is why smart IT solutions providers leverage digital marketing to boost sales and enhance marketing.  

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What is Inbound Marketing and How Does It Work?

Marketing sure has come a long way over the years.   Historically, marketing was always considered a very difficult thing to measure. Unfortunately, as a result of this, it was generally the first area cut when a company looked at expenses. With the digital age and the tools that are available now, marketing is now considered a part of the sales process and it is possible to report on the return on investment as a result. 

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The Top 3 Reasons Why It Is Important for Businesses to Blog

Deciding on a first article for our new blog was somewhat difficult.  While this is one of many to come, it was important to make this one very purposeful with the ability to set the tone for what to expect in the future. 

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