How To Use Instagram to Market Your Business

With over 400 million active accounts, Instagram is increasingly becoming a highly engaged community across the globe. It’s simple design and the thirst for visual inspiration permits captivating images to take the center stage. Generally, Instagram allows the creation of creative content. As such, businesses may make use of this visual language to promote their businesses. Advertising products via this social media platform can have the potential to move consumers. They are inspired to see the company, product or service from a different perspective, and as such, take action.


Digital Marketing Through Instagram


Promoting business through Instagram has always been seen as appropriate for only a few industries. It is generally considered as one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses such as restaurants, retailers, and travel companies.  While these companies reap significant benefits from Instagram, other businesses may as well use this hub to drive their sales and obtain new clients. Today, this notion is slowly being dismissed as more and more types of business benefit from digital marketing efforts realised through Instagram.


Tips for Marketing Using Instagram


There are many different ways through which companies can utilise Instagram to boost the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. Use the following tips to make your marketing efforts worthwhile:


1.  Photos of customers while using the products

This is among the most popular strategies used by the most dominant brands on Instagram. One of the simplest ways of appealing to the vanity of the human race is to facilitate brand engagement.  The hashtags come in extremely handy at this point. For instance, you may encourage consumers to send images of themselves using your product- or something related.  Projects and Contests can also be integrated easily into marketing campaigns. This is an excellent way of increasing the visibility of a brand. Formulate a hashtag associated with the contest to make it easier for you to gather relevant photos.


 2.  Post fresh content regularly

The primary goal on Instagram is to engage the present audience and in the process attract a new following. Make a point of posting new, engaging and interesting photos at the beginning. The hashtags should be given utmost importance when posting photos. It makes it easier for consumers to find specific photos using those terms.


3.  Don’t just show your end product

Customers are able to trust you more if you have the courage to take them behind the scenes. Businesses operating in the fashion, entertainment and restaurant industries can maximise this strategy. Instead of posting images of finished clothing, fully prepared meals or a piece of sculpture (art industry) only, businesses may decide to post photos taken behind the scenes. Brand building entails showing the story around the whole project.


Regular people are finding and judging the visual identity of organisations using Instagram. This means that the lack of a strong Instagram presence puts firms at the risk of being forgotten or ignored altogether- more so by the next generation consumers. Taking Instagram seriously can open up a whole new world of breath-taking opportunities.


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