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Top 3 Social Media Marketing Essentials for MSPs and VARs

Social media is often considered the domain of B2C marketing dominated by trendy, viral content.

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How IT Channel Partners Can Capitalize On Social Media

In 2016, it's projected that more than 68% of internet usage was attributed to social media platforms. This is a staggering number and one that cannot be ignored for all companies. I've heard time and time again for business owners that they don't see the ROI in social media for B2B. I'll be honest, at one point that was myself. But things have changed as I now understand that social media is the state of the current internet. It's changed how we get news, how we communicate, how we learn, and so many other things.

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Why Inbound Marketing is Critical for Local Based Businesses

Any business owner knows that they have to survive in a very competitive environment. The competition is even tougher for small and local businesses. Customers have become very aware of what they want; where they can get it and where will they get the best value for their money. Moreover, this is the age of digital market. Customers are making decisions online more than in person. Therefore, it is becoming very important that small businesses invest in digital marketing in order to be found. 

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