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3 Keys to a Solid Content Marketing Strategy for MSPs and VARs

 You know how important content is since it’s the voice of your business across all communication platforms both digitally and in real life. So how do you manage it all? You’ve seen competitors in the channel do it and do it well. From podcasts, to blog posts, to video: Where do you begin? How do you choose your area to shine?

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B2B Lead Nurturing Campaigns 101: Keeping prospects engaged

For businesses looking to attract new clients, there are a wide array of methods for lead generation. However, once a new lead is acquired, keeping them in the pipeline until they are ready to convert into a customer, is arguably more important. The problem is that this phase, creating sustained engagement, is often overlooked and not always easy to achieve.

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How VARs and MSPs Can Use Case Studies For Effective Marketing Campaigns

For many VARs and MSPs, client referrals can be a crucial method for new business generation. Building long term client relationships takes the effort of the entire IT organization, from sales to service reps and everything in between. Following up with satisfied clients for their feedback on positive experiences can generate important content that can be used as the basis of sales campaigns and marketing materials.

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How Web Design Can Impact Your Business: 3 Tips For Creating Great Websites

For years, if someone wanted to find out information about your business, they would ask for your business card or phone number.  Today, they will simply ask for your website address.  If you’re not online and don’t have some sort of web presence then to millions of active online consumers, you’re pretty much nonexistent.

On the other side of the coin, many business owners are under the impression that having just any old website will do. This kind of thinking is dangerous and can be harmful to your business. In actuality, having a bad website is often worse than not having one at all.

So what are some ways in which good web design can impact your business?

Consider 3 ways.

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Targeting Your Content to IT Decision Makers

When creating content targeted towards IT decision makers across various business verticals, you need to keep several aspects in mind. Your content needs to be informative, specific, and engaging. Putting together this type of content isn't always easy, but it's crucial when marketing your products or services to ITDMs (IT decision makers).

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How IT Channel Partners Can Improve Co-Marketing Campaigns

The effectiveness of co-marketing campaigns in the IT channel space varies significantly. There are always the success stories which are used time and time again, but the reality is that a large number of campaigns simply miss the mark. There are always reasons as to why, which often include blame being passed to the partner for not following up or to the campaign itself for having poor execution. These variables absolutely exist and often do contribute to a poor outcome.

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Why Tech VARs & MSPs Must Align Their Marketing Model With Their Business Model

Historically, the IT space is one that is extremely reactive, especially when it comes to SMB clients. When a business has an IT issue, they find someone who can fix it as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, and they get back to work. Where a relationship with an IT service provider exists, it's the same model except they know up front who they are going to work with.  This "break-fix" model is changing, and fast.

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The Five Marketing Metrics You Must Know Even if You’re Not in Marketing

Marketing is full of buzz words and metrics that often don’t make sense to anyone outside of the industry. Even inside the marketing world it can seem like some of the jargon is made up at times. That being said, we want to highlight the five metrics that every business owner, sales leader, or head of marketing must track closely to maintain a healthy business: 

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A Sales Guide to the New Buyers Journey

By this point, we've all become aware that the fundamental way that people make buying decisions has changed. We know that the internet is leveraged heavily, and people are leveraging tools such as review apps (i.e. Yelp) to help make informed decisions. They are not only communicating with one another online, they are also communicating directly with companies online through social media. 

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