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The Value of Brand Awareness Campaigns for IT VARs and MSPs

For most companies that are considering running an advertising campaign, the goal is most often to promote prospects to take a particular action. Whether i

For most companies that are considering running an advertising campaign, the goal is most often to promote prospects to take a particular action. Whether it’s direct lead generation or clicking on a special offer, paid search and display advertising can be an effective method for driving conversions. However, brand awareness campaigns can provide value beyond simply return on ad spend (ROAS). Let’s explore the ways in which IT channel partners can benefit from brand awareness initiatives.

A brand awareness campaign is any ad, in the form of banner, text, or traditional media, that highlights your company without any specific call-to-action. For example, an IT company might display their name, logo, tag line, and choose to place the ad in a high traffic location such as a billboard or on a popular website. It’s important to understand the implications from the standpoint of attribution timelines, brand recognition, and strategic partnerships.

Attribution Timelines and Brand Recognition

Say a prospect sees your ad on a news website. The ad simply says, “Company A – The experts in unified communications.” Although these types of display ads can certainly include a link driving traffic to your website when clicked, even if the prospect doesn’t visit your site immediately, your ad has still made an impact.

Assuming you’ve done your SEO groundwork so that your website displays at the top of searches (both locally and organically), then when this prospect decides it’s time to invest in a unified communications solution for their business, seeing your website populate for their search query will create an association with your brand name. Brand recognition plays a crucial role in influencing people’s business decisions. It is a fact that people trust brand names they’re familiar with, over those they’re not.

Brand Awareness for IT VARs and MSPs

The attribution window is a term that references the time it takes between someone seeing your ad and converting into a customer. Although brand awareness campaigns often have a longer conversion timeline than an ad with a direct call-to-action, the number of total impressions they garner can be significantly higher – making your chances of conversion based on brand recognition and informed research, much greater.

Strategic Partnerships

For many VARs and MSPs who might not have an internal marketing department, strategic partnerships can be a tremendous channel for building brand awareness. We’ve all seen the company banners at baseball stadiums or the sponsored ads in pamphlets at sporting events or concerts. These are examples of turn-key brand awareness campaigns that generate high levels of exposure to potential prospects without any direct calls-to-action. These opportunities can be particularly beneficial because they require virtually no internal work, as the partner company (who you’d be sponsoring) does all of the heavy lifting to bring your campaign to life.

Overall, if you’re looking for high ROAS with low internal marketing efforts, brand awareness campaigns may be just what your company needs to achieve sustainable growth. 

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