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Brand Refresh Guide for MSPs and VARs

Recurring engagements have changed the business and now MSPs and VARs that have modified their businesses to reflect those changes need a solid brand to stand out from the crowd. And there is a crowd. More former engineers are hanging out their shingles and calling themselves MSPs than ever before. With the advent of remote monitoring and management software, the ease of template-based web development, and fast access to freelance creative help, MSPs believe they can piece together an ok brand to approach potential customers.

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The Value of Brand Awareness Campaigns for IT VARs and MSPs

For most companies that are considering running an advertising campaign, the goal is most often to promote prospects to take a particular action. Whether it’s direct lead generation or clicking on a special offer, paid search and display advertising can be an effective method for driving conversions. However, brand awareness campaigns can provide value beyond simply return on ad spend (ROAS). Let’s explore the ways in which IT channel partners can benefit from brand awareness initiatives.

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Why IT Channel Partners Must Humanize Their Brands

Companies are always doing their best to position their products or services in a way that appeals to their target audience. With all of today’s commercialization and advertising, the important element of trust can often be overlooked.

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The Importance of Brand Style Guides For VARs

Most IT resellers understand the concept of a brand style guide, but do they understand the impact it can have on their business?  As a reseller, you are connected to multiple vendors and they in turn are connected to other resellers and partners. Amid all of those connections, your company could be lost in the mix. It’s important to establish yourself and remain consistent across all your business channels.

Furthermore, how you market the products for each of your technology partners should remain consistent with their standards. Are you correctly representing their brand as well? Utilizing a brand style guide is a must for your company and the clients and partners you work with. 

Here are three benefits of having a thorough brand style guide.

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How Web Design Can Impact Your Business: 3 Tips For Creating Great Websites

For years, if someone wanted to find out information about your business, they would ask for your business card or phone number.  Today, they will simply ask for your website address.  If you’re not online and don’t have some sort of web presence then to millions of active online consumers, you’re pretty much nonexistent.

On the other side of the coin, many business owners are under the impression that having just any old website will do. This kind of thinking is dangerous and can be harmful to your business. In actuality, having a bad website is often worse than not having one at all.

So what are some ways in which good web design can impact your business?

Consider 3 ways.

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