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Where to Get More Blog Ideas, Other Than Keyword Research

Once the more obvious blogs have been written, it can be hard to find topics that are engaging and compelling. Learn some tricks to help.

As a copywriter at a marketing agency, it’s not unusual for me to write more than five blogs a day. Once the more obvious blogs have been written, it can be hard to find topics that are engaging and compelling. When all the good keywords have been used, I turn to these sources.



One of the best and yet most forgotten resources for blog writers are forums. From the early days of the internet, people have flocked to forums to ask questions, share stories and make recommendations.

You can often find some fantastic ideas for blogs that you wouldn’t show up as keywords. I’ve found that people often go to forums as a last resort—they couldn’t find the information anywhere else.


How to Find a Forum

There are well-known websites (like Reddit and Quora) that support forum-style content. It’s worthwhile to search your product or service and then the URL of a popular website, just to see what shows up. Putting the URL in quotes ensures you’ll only get the most relevant results. 


When I searched the term above, the first result was: This page is full of questions all about digital marketing.


All the questions above would be excellent blog topics. Reading through comments can also spark ideas.


Related Searches 

Many writers are familiar with the autofill trick. This is when you type a keyword into google and it predicts the next words based on other popular searches. In my experience, this trick rarely yields different results than any SEO tool.


The same is true for the “related searches” function. These are search terms at the bottom of the SERP that are related to your search. I’ve found they tend to be more unique than autofill, but not much different from an SEO keyword tool.


A bit more helpful is the “People Also Ask” section on Google, which provides only questions related to your search. In general, this usually has good information, but it can be hard to rank on the SERP, as these are questions that already have answers.


Finally, there is the videos section. In my opinion, this is the most helpful feature on Google’s SERP. They are helpful for breaking down broad topics into bloggable, bite-sized pieces.


Google occasionally identifies “key moments” in the video which you can expand on the SERP. These are often where I find ideas for detailed, specific blogs about more niche topics.




If your keyword doesn’t have videos or key moments, you can always ditch Google and go directly to YouTube. Let the algorithm do the work for you: keep clicking through related videos until you find something interesting.

I also love to read YouTube comments. More often than not, someone has corrected a mistake in the video. These are often good blog ideas. 


Youtube also has clickable tabs above related videos that you can use to filter through different topics quickly.



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