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How MSPs and VARs Can Create a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

You’ve heard it at nearly every conference, in most articles, and from colleagues and experts alike: Marketing is the key to success for VARs and MSPs targeting the IT channel. But it’s a daunting prospect. There are so many moving parts to it all. Where do you start?

We’ve developed a  marketing game plan for you to follow when streamlining your marketing efforts.

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Google Analytics Metrics For VARs and MSPs

Google Analytics (GA) is the gold standard when it comes to measuring website traffic and marketing conversion metrics. Even if you’re not running any advertising on the Google network, having GA in place on your website is a smart tactic to help you gain important insights on audience behavior, traffic flow across your sitemap, and much more.

There are many important functionalities within Google Analytics, but the ones that contain the most value for IT VARs and MSPs are users, bounce rate, and device type.

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How To Setup Google Search Console In Ten Minutes

Search engine queries make up the vast majority of traffic referrals to business websites. Google represents over 77% of all searches worldwide. This means, if your business listing isn’t near the top of Google’s page one results, you risk not being found by your target audience.

Let’s say a company in Tampa would like to purchase a new fleet of desktops for their staff. They may type in “buy business PCs Tampa.” Wouldn’t it be nice if your website displayed at the top of the list for this search query?

Let’s explore how utilizing Google Search Console can help your business establish a strong presence online.

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Finding Your Niche – Why IT VARs & MSPs Must Differentiate

Those in the IT channel are used to high competition. Many deals are won on price, and competition in every vertical is at an all-time high. With more options than ever to chose from, end customers can demand more at a lower cost.

Does this sound familiar to you? This is the case for most VARs & MSPs. The reality is, there are many IT firms out there that try to do everything for everyone. By trying to be everything for everyone, they essentially become nothing for everyone. People want experts that know their business better than anyone.

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Metrics Channel Marketing Managers Should Track

Channel Marketing Managers have a difficult task - help grow a group of partners through marketing efforts when all of them have different strategies. They often are left juggling trying to help communicate all of the new initiatives and programs, checking up on in-flight campaigns, and attempting to find a way to report and track all of it in a consistent manner.

The reality is every partner likely defines marketing success differently. Having the conversation up front around which metrics to track and what the desired end outcome should be is critical to both the partnership and driving tangible marketing results.

When it comes to reporting internally on if a partner program or initiative is successful, a different approach is required. Traditional marketing metrics such as leads and traffic remain important, but other factors such as engagement are critical to track. These parameters must be consistent - and should vary little from partner to partner.

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